Today it’s summer!

What an inspiring them for architects!
Hot, cold, ice, shells and crustaceans… here are some examples we would like to visite this summer:

* the music pavilion in shell-shape *
A thin concrete shell designed by  Ulrich Müther in Sassnitz on the Rügen Island in Germany, 1987

musicmuscheln04musicmuscheln01 musicmuscheln03

* the ice hotel *
An ephemeral building designed by Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas–Jones, and (almost) only built with ice blocs in 2013 (now melted!).


* Twistee Treat shops in ice cream shape *
Small pavilions built with fiberglass (a combination of resin and very thin glass threads) all around Florida from 1983

twisteetreat02 twisteetreat01

Enjoy summer!