London // (Extra)ordinary architects

Ordinary Takeover  // from 4th of October 2014 until 1st of November 2014, at the AA (Architectural Association) School of London

Archihihi visited Ordinary‘s architects, whose office is temporary set up in an architecture school.

It was like entering the Ali Baba’s cave from both architects and chemists!
No big architecture plans, architectural magazines nor folders here. The room is completely filled with materials, models, in-process experimentations…


Ordinary are not ordinary architect. They spent their time playing with the periodic table, making chemistry experiments to invent a new (extra-ordinary) way of doing architecture.
As Magnus Larsson (one of the two founders) explain us, Ordinary doesn’t use the standards building materials. No, no. Theses architects prefers to invent and grow its own materials from simple ingredients, or from waste.

Illustraded examples of some of their incredible experimentations :

* ice + plastic bags = floating construction (Nikkicrete – variantion of the Pycrete)
* milk (casein) = translucent membrane (Galalith)
* sand + bacteria Bacillus Pasteurii = blocs as solid as concrete
* crystallisation
* wood dust + foam = insulation membranes (and not a cake as could could thought seeing the picture!)
* pigment + cement = rainbow house

P1070456-3 P1070470 P1070472-3 P1070475-3 P1070487-3 P1070482-3P1070477-3P1070580P1070498-3P1070509-3

We are now really looking forward to grow our own archihihitectures… We hope to tell you more about it very soon!