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Basel 19 February – 11 May // Play Objects – The Art of Possibilities

Play Objects – The Art of Possibilities exhibition // our dream : visiting a museum and playing at the same time!
19 February – 11 May 2014 in the Tinguely Museum in Basel

Nice sentence of Sultan (Peter Lindbergh) written on the walls : “Why should we go in a museum if we are not allowed do anything in?”

A fantastic exhibition about pictures, sculptures and architectures which we can manipulate.
Those artists thought about you: everybody [everyone] is allowed to modify their work. It’s all been conceived as composition or construction games. Everybody becomes an artist with such a playful approach!
Unfortunately you can’t play with everything (even if this was the intention of the artists), but we had a great time with Jeppe Hein’s big white cubes, Yayoi Kusama’s dots and Joël Stein’s huge abacus.

play objects // Hein play objects // Kusama play objects // Kusama play objects // Stein

We also had fun by walking in the air through the “Grosse Méta-Maxi-Maxi-Utopia” of Jean Tinguely!

play objects // Tinguely

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“Comprising approximately 100 exhibits this special exhibition presents the diversity and history of the variable artwork. The transformable ‘play object’, which has also been described in art history as an ‘object of variation’ or a ‘participative object’, experienced its heyday, in the area of concrete-constructive and kinetic art in particular, at the end of the 1960s. During this period artists pursued the aim of getting the beholder directly involved in creating and transforming their art objects in different ways. The beholder changes the movement-based compositions of images, reliefs and sculptures and thereby chooses a configuration that pleases him or her. This turns the audience into a direct player between artist and artwork. Museum Tinguely offers the unique opportunity to experience many of the works in all their variability at first hand within a comprehensive program of more than 300 interactive public tours.”