Paris – 8 october 2014 – 26 january 2015 // Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry // 8 october 2014 – 26 january 2014, at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris

Do you know Frank Gehry? He is one of the most famous architects, probably because his buildings have very spectacular shapes, like giant sculptures.

Here is a funny exctract of the Simpsons : a caricature which is not so far from reality!


In order to design his architectures, Frank Gehry really does models with rumpled paper! (His office in L.A. is full of it!) Then, thanks to a special machine, the shape of the models are transposed in a computer. Finally, this shape is transformed in an habitable architecture, resolving different important questions: how is it build? how does it works? etc…

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It’s a very special way of designing architecture isn’t it?

To know more about this architect, you can find here a documentary which we enjoyed a lot at Archihihi.

And for more informations about the exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou, it’s here !