Game N.2 // Design your house’s facades!

Simple, colourful or crazy: depending the techniques you will use, you can give radically different characters to your house, have it discreet or make people look at it!

Download the tutorial N.2:logo-download

We have tested this tutorial for you with some of our favourite buildings, look:

      atelier tekuto // decoupage

Checkerboard pattern on the Cell brick house by Tekuto architects // we used cut out black rectangles pasted on white paper + see our hut version in the bonus !


Pink waterproof membrane of Villa Hermina by HSH Architekti (Cernín – Czech Republic) // we used watercolour paint in chewing-gum colour

Brandhorst museum - Sauerbruch & Hutton // crayonEnamelled terracotta tubes for the Brandhorst Museum by Sauerbruch & Hutton (Munich-Germany) // we used colour pencils

tetrarc_decoupage1Random metal membrane around Manny building by Tetrarc (Nantes – France) // We paste cut out paper ribbons


Minimalist windows for the House in a plum grove by Kazuyo Sejima (Tokyo – Japan) // we used a very fine pen

SESC pompei - Lina bo Bardi // encreRandom windows on SESC Pompeia center by Lina bo Bardi (São Paulo – Brazil) // we made ink stains

Cite du design - LIN // equerre-rapporteurTriangular windows on Cité du design by LIN (Saint-Etienne – France) // we used a protractor, a ruler and ink

Hôtel Barriere - Francois // papier carbone & tamponFake heritage facade and contemporary windows on Barrière Hotel by Edouard François (Paris – France) // we used carbon paper and stamps made out of rubber

      SMAC - BMC2 // tampon & crayonSmall prism shaped windows for the SMAC by BMC2 (Auxerre – France) // we used stamps made out of rubber + pencil lines

Muuratsalo house- Aalto // tampon
Different sorts of bricks for the experimental Muuratsalo house by Alvar Aalto (Muuratsalo island – Finland) // we used different stamps made out of rubber

Jakob & Mac Farlane - cube orange // feutre
Big holes in the Orange Cube by Jakob & Mac Farlane (Lyon – France) // we used a felt-pen

You see? There are so many possibilities! Your turn now!

Download link:  logo-download