Hyères 19 – 23 December // Architecture & Baking

Pitchouns Festival // architecture workshops for kids from the 19th to 23rd December at the Villa Noailles in Hyères

We have just spent 4 crazy days at the Villa Noailles with 12 kids from 5 to 7 years old!
Each day, we have taste architecture baking models in a special way. On top: a great exhibition in the swimming pool, one of the most beautiful room of the villa.

P1080670-1 P1080648-2

But we hear you asking: “what is the link between baking and architecture?”

Here are the 4 themes with which we revisited architecture from the angle of baking…

Of course, we began with building some architects glasses ;-)


* frame *
We have built architecture shapes with mikados and marshmallows


* pour *
Our concrete was gingerbread dough. We first have build moulds with greaseproof paperbord, baked our gingerbread-concrete, and then discovered 12 different shape as we removed its from the moulds.

P1080610-2P1080732-2P1080694 P1080689 P1080687

* accumulation *
We have put together, piled up and combined petit beurre biscuits flooring, wafer posts, cake volumes and wafer modules to build 3 big collective architectures.


* decoration *
Each child told a story on the façade her or his house, by adding colours, shapes or material

P1080658-2P1080721-2P1080623 P1080633 P1080635

Well done Adèle, Clarisse, Dareck, Evy, Jeanne, Joëlle, Kiro, Mahaut, Nina, Ophélie, Victoria et Zelig! You have built great architectures!