Paris – 8th – 19th February 2017 // Archilibre

Archilibre workshops // 8 to 19 february at the Centre Pompidou in Paris // Y 6-10
* A multidimensional structure growing until reaching the ceiling ! *

Everything begins with the triangle, an incredibly strong shape which is able to receive (almost) an infinity of combinations. It is  very often used in architecture because of its qualities, for example… in the Centre Pompidou’s building!

During the archilibre workshop, we have build a proliferating structure made out of triangles, which have been put together as tetrahedrons. By building straight, regular, curved or always different combinations, each participant played his part in the final construction!

2017-02-17-herveveronese-2543-2 2017-02-17-herveveronese-2604-2 2017-02-17-herveveronese-2627-2 2017-02-17-herveveronese-2659-2 2017-02-17-herveveronese-2723-2 2017-02-17-herveveronese-2729-2  2017-02-17-herveveronese-2737-2 p1040704-2  p1040745-2 p1040706-2 p1040659-2p1040775-22017-02-17-herveveronese-2532-2


A huge thank you to Isabelle Frantz-Marty and the whole facilitators team !