‘Home-made architecture’ series #1 // Saint-Loup chapel

‘Home-made architecture’ series / episode n.1 – Hide and seek  // web-series Mon Oeil by Centre Pompidou

‘Home-made architecture’ (‘L’architecture faite maison’) is a series of animations created by Archihihi: little stories happening in home-made architecture models. Each of the 10 episodes presents a peculiar building and is part of ‘Mon Oeil’ web-serie, available on the Centre Pompidou website.

To begin with, we decided to build the Saint-Loup Chapel, a work made of folds in which you can play hide and seek!

Localarchitecture, the Swiss architects who designed it, have been inspired by origami.

A sheet of paper, scissors, some folds… and that’s it!



Want to have a go? Have a look at this sheet:

Game N.7 // Fold your architecture!

Fancy watching all the episodes? >>> here is my Vimeo page :)