‘Home-made architecture’ series #5// Meditation space

Home-made architecture’ series / episode n°5 – Meditate // web-series Mon Oeil by Centre Pompidou

If you go in the Meditation Space at Unesco in Paris, If you go to the Meditation Space in the Unesco headquarters in Paris, you will feel enveloped by its soft and round walls, and if you whisper something, you will be surprised by the amplified sound that the cylindrical shape of this little pavilion produces.

To reproduce the concrete cylinder of the architect Tadao Ando, here is what we took in Archihihi’s kitchen: a saucepan, a pomelo, a can, a gas stove, a jar, a candle, matches and a knife


Candle… melted: here is the concrete

archihihi-ando-espacemeditation_210_web archihihi-ando-espacemeditation_271_web A jar in a tin, with 2 rectangles cut out the pomelo’s skin: here is the form to pour the concretearchihihi-ando-espacemeditation_408_web archihihi-ando-espacemeditation_545_web archihihi-ando-espacemeditation_563_web And when is is ready: we remove from the mould!archihihi-ando-espacemeditation_605_web

To know more about the series and see the 1st episode, here it is, and if you fancy watching all the episodes, here is my Vimeo page :).