‘Home-made architecture’ series #4 // Swiss Pavilion

‘Home-made architecture’ series / episode n.4 – Pursuit // web-series Mon Oeil by Centre Pompidou

A building that can be completely dismantled and reused when you don’t need it anymore… nice bet, right? This feat was realised by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, for the 2000 Universal Exhibition in Hannover. After all, this building was only used for 4 months… So it was built of stacked wooden planks assembled without screws, nails, ankles nor glue… but with huge springs!

During the exhibition, visitors could meet musicians wandering in this great labyrinth of wood …

This concept gave us the idea to simply lookout for wood in our room. We then decided to use our big box of Kaplas, some matches and a few elastic-bands!


archihihi-corpssonore1_web archihihi-corpssonore2_web archihihi-corpssonore3_web archihihi-corpssonore4_web

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