Paris – 10th November 2018 – 7th January 2019 // Sensitive spaces

Sensitive spaces workshops // 10. november to 7. january at the Centre Pompidou in Paris // Y 6-10
* In the footsteps of Tadao Ando . Building with light *

Echoing the exhibition Tadao Ando . Le Défi, the children are invited to discover the minimalist vocabulary of this architect by using only two materials to build models: opaque gray volumes representing the raw concrete, and surfaces allowing light to pass or reflecting it.

A challenge for them too, that they raised hands by building models on seven different bases, a wink to Tadao Ando’s work!


And now: check out the light, an its effects on the volumes throughout the day.


Many thanks you to Isabelle Frantz-Marty, Catherine Boireau and all the facilitators !